Students Offer Success at Annual Convocation Ceremony in Toronto

“Within our industry, problems appear. We have to learn how to approach them. We discovered individuals skills must be effective,” Bodloo pointed out.

“It had been a great experience both psychologically and physically,” he added, noting the college’s small class sizes enabled him to acquire individualized “individual to individual” attention.

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Before commencing their studies in Toronto, both men spoke to buddies in their home country of Mauritius who’d studied formerly at Evergreen College. The school that is Hospitality Management program came highly suggested on their own account.

Their transition to Toronto needed roughly three a few days when their applications were printed. Bodloo and Ponnusamy were fortunate to possess buddies living north within the city where they studied. Both pointed out their migration was seamless, and Ponnusamy attributed the procedure to a part of his chance to understand.

“This program at Evergreen trained us leadership skills,” he pointed out. “We learned communication skills and the ways to lead a company…the teachers proven us the strategies by which.”

The college’s career services were also instrumental in heightening their inter-personal skills. Prior to being hired in their current jobs, Bodloo pointed out they’d the chance to get their resumes reviewed by their instructors. In addition they needed part in mock interviews.

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“The teachers can make believe you be restaurant managers and then we required to undergo the job interview and presentation,” he pointed out. “We’d to pass through everything and suggest for them how you would lead a company.”

Now, with diplomas in Hospitality Management, Bodloo and Ponnusamy are serving up success within the restaurant industry.

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