Mind mapping Tool: How it works and benefits the students?

Mind Mapping is a kind of effective creative tool which is also called a brainstorming tool as well. This type of tool is used by more than 250 million people across the world. In fact, we all have used the mind mapping tools throughout our education as well as in our working life for various purposes such as for presentation, structuring an essay or report, planning a meeting, or revising an exercise to prepare for the examination. This type of tool helps the students to boost their productivity, creativity and memory. 

How mind mapping works and benefits the students? 

Mind mapping is very helpful to all the students and the following are some ways by which it works and helps the students:

  • Boost radiant thinking: The mind mapping tool is a collection of ideas that are put into the format of the visual diagram. In this type of tool, the information is structured in such as way that mirrors exactly how the brain functions. With the help of associations, connections, as well as triggers to stimulate further ideas, this type of tool can literally map the thought of the student. Hence, this type of tool becomes easier for extracting the ideas from the head of the students into some visible and structured. Generally, our brain works based on association and will connect every piece of idea, memory, or information to tens, hundreds, or thousands of other concepts and ideas. This is how this type of tool can provide you countless tasks.
  • Boost the memory: Mind mapping comes with a unique combination of imagery, color as well as visual-spatial arrangement. Thus, such a tool helps in improving recall as compared to that of the conventional method of taking notes and learning by usual methods. As found in the research, this type of tool can help to improve the long-term memory of factual information by 10%, especially for medical students. Apart from that, this type of tool can also help the children for recalling the words more effectively than that of using lists and this will enhance the memory of the students almost by 32%.
  • Boost creativity: With the help of a mind mapping tool it also becomes possible to encourage creativity. Such kind of tool also enables the students to generate some new ideas in brainstorming sessions. With the spatial layout of such a tool, the students can get a better overview of their lessons and they can make new connections more visible. That is the reason why it becomes possible to create infinite thoughts, ideas, links, associations on any kind of topic. It is also possible to add images to the map which can also help in the process by acting as visual stimuli. Apart from that, with such kind of tool, the images can also be processed instantly by the brain which in turn can enable the students to make associations and recall information. 
  • Boost the power of learning: This type of tool is certainly a great aid in learning for a number of reasons. Such a tool can encourage the brain for making an association between various keywords, phrases, and images which can be used by the students for brainstorming ideas for any kind of creative project. Apart from that, such type of tool also helps the students to plan and structure their work such as essays, reports,  or presentations. Thus, this type of tool is a kind of great revision aid with the help of which students can break down the complex information and simplified it. This will in turn help in improving memorization and recalling. 


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